Talking about an unsung hero. I believe my unsung hero is a dustman who may have known to be an extremely kind and diligent man working in the area of my house complex. I am aware his activity from my personal house-maid who is also the dustman's better half, and this wounderful woman has been offering for 3 years in my home.

The dustman's name can be Yanto, whose age is approximately 50. He owns a couple of kids. The youngest you are a student in a intermediate university, while the older one is a student of a mature high school� in Medans.

I think his cleaning-service is actually glorious and helpful to those that live in my personal neighborhood, even as can imagine how dirty and smelly our neighborhood will become, during his absence. Without his regular and continual service, I could guarantee that our area would instantly become dirty and messy till evey corner of the environment. It is going to automatically cause unhealthy state to kids who generally play around each of our complex when the day is approaching sunset. Needless to say, the dirty circumstance around our neighborhood will cause the terrible incident of various health issues and hazardous atmosphere to human health around, particularly to those in whose physical endurance happens to be beneath low condition.

Based on the modern day living condition in the society, honestly speaking, it is very difficult to look for statistics who wish to fill the vacancy and to take those responsibility of being a dedicated dustman like my servant's husband, Yanto, in whose service and dedication undoubtedly need to be very honored, valued and paid, particularly by those receivers of his diligent service.

In the work of obtaining additional salary and saving in prep for his elder children's academic education, Yanto, the dustman usually accept extra jobs coming from my neighbors and grandma, such as aiding my grandma in removing branches of trees, that contain grown wildly untidy, besides helping the other inhabitants of our complicated doing sort of...