The Medical Works of Li Shizen Essay

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August 9, 2012

The Medical Works of Li Shizhen

How performed the medical work of Li Shizhen aid in the dominance of the Chinese Empire more than other countries in the world?

The Oriental Empire was obviously a dominant community force through the ruling of the Ming Dynasty. Advances ended uphad been made in a number of areas which will helped the Chinese Empire become a outstanding nation. One important area of advancement was medicine. The Chinese acquired used herbal medicine throughout their history as a primary method of recovering illnesses (Liao, Jianwei " Famous People of China: China's Greatest Pharmacologist”). Li Shizhen was a doctor who put in a great deal of his life rehearsing medicine created from natural solutions to help deal with people (Hammond, Stapleton 2). His work had helped the China Empire rise above the other empires due to advancements produced in medicine and pharmacy, and providing an important medical reference point for upcoming generations. Li Shizhen was obviously a significant aspect in the history of China for his extraordinary work, which can be remembered even presently.

Li Shizhen was grew up in a family members who had been training medicine to get generations; his grandfather, and his father Li Yanwen had been both doctors. He would travel with his dad to different locations where he gathered herbs for medicine and observe his father practice. He forgotten his educational studies to pursue his passion in medicine. Li Shizhen's father accepted your decision and exceeded onto him all that this individual knew of his occupation (Liao, Jianwei " Celebrities of China: China's Greatest Pharmacologist”). Li Shizhen started to study and practice medicine with his dad. He researched many catalogs on remedies and started to conduct his own trials about the written text he read. Li criticised many numerous book this individual read since they did certainly not seem functional or comprised errors. (Hammond, Stapleton 6). Becoming disheartened by the offered information on the...

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