The Crucible Research Conventional paper

Jesse Aguirre

Ms. Kim

The english language 11-period 7

24 Sept. 2010 2012

In The Crucible, Arthur miller dramatizes the Salem witch trial, which folks are falsely accusing of witchcraft because people had been tempted to lie for their own profit. Puritan societies were matter how they viewed in other people eyes and judge each other based on all their reputation. The ultimate goals in the puritans was going to gain salvation because to be able to look good in front side of god eyes. The prideful personality in The Crucible, defend their particular reputation by simply lying which lead to the corruption of society.

Abigail defends her reputation while an faithful citizen by simply accusing persons of witch craft and threating to kill people to be quiet. Abigail ideals her status dearly among the villagers as she said " i am good in the village! I will not have this said i am soiled! ”(12). Abigail's sculpt is very protecting because people are accusing her of witch craft. This kind of shows that Abigail wants to keep her name clean in village as an blameless villager. Abigail will after protect her reputation by accusing and threating others. When Abigail friends begin to want to confess of witch build she poises them expressing " I can make you wish you had never noticed the sun go lower! ”(19). Abigail tone was menacing because she serious about her close friends not confessing to save her reputation. It really is evident that Abigail is definitely not over resorting to dangers in order to save her reputation. Consist of incites Martha warn accuses that Abigail was lying and faking procession. At this point Abigail imply Mary advise for accusing her of witch art by pretending to see Jane Warren spirit and starts to shriek " you will not! Begone! Begone, I say! ”(106). Abigail uses the phrase " begone” in a timid tone to exhibit that Mary Warren will there be in nature, and that the girl with terrifying. Abigail also performs this to make that seem that she is not a witch and this Mary warren is accusing her just to save herself. Although Abigail pretends to see a eyesight to make it seem...