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Military services Regulation 702–11

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Army Top quality Program

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AR 702–11 Army Top quality Program This major revision dated a couple of March 2007-o Updates the guidelines and concepts within Army Quality Plan management (chap 3). Identifies the main competencies primary to an powerful quality plan (chap 3).


Head office Department in the Army Washington, DC two March 3 years ago

*Army Control 702–11

Powerful 2 April 2007 Product Assurance

Army Quality Plan

Deputy Helper Secretary in the Army pertaining to Acquisition, Strategies, and Technology. The proponent has the expert to say yes to exceptions or waivers to this regulation that are consistent with handling law and regulations. The proponent might delegate this approval expert, in writing, into a division primary within the supporter agency or its immediate reporting product or field operating agency, in the quality of colonel or the civilian equivalent. Activities may obtain a waiver to this control by providing reason that includes a total analysis of the expected benefits and need to include formal review by the activity's senior legal expert. All waiver requests will probably be endorsed by commander or senior head of the requesting activity and forwarded through higher hq to the policy proponent. Label AR 25–30 for specific guidance. Military management control process. This regulation contains management control provision and identifies crucial management controls that must be evaluated (see appendix B). Supplements. Supplementation of this regulation and establishment of command or perhaps local varieties are restricted without preceding approval in the Deputy Associate Secretary in the Army (Integrated Logistics Support) ATTN: SAAL–ZA, 103 Military services Pentagon, Wa, DC 20310–0103. Suggested advancements. Users are invited to deliver comments and suggested advancements to this control on AG Form 2028 (Recommended Becomes Publications and Blank Forms) directly to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Integrated Logistics Support), ATTN: SAAL–ZL, 103 Military services Pentagon, Wa, DC 20310–0103. Distribution. This publication will come in electronic media only and it is intended for order levels C, D, and E pertaining to the Lively Army, the Army Countrywide Guard/Army Countrywide Guard states, and the U. S. Military Reserve.

Record. This distribution is a key revision. Overview. This rules prescribes Department of the Military services policy and responsibilities to get Army quality programs. Use. This legislation applies to the Active Military services, the Army National Guard/Army National Shield of the United States, as well as the United States Armed service Reserve, until otherwise stated. Proponent and exception authority. The advocatte for this control is the


(Listed simply by paragraph and page number)

Chapter 1 Introduction, page 1 Purpose • 1–1, page 1 References • 1–2, page 1 Justification of abbreviations and conditions • 1–3, page you General plan • 1–4, page one particular The Military services Quality Plan • 1–5, page you Chapter a couple of Responsibilities, page 1 General • 2–1, page 1 Assistant Admin of the Military (Acquisition, Strategies, and Technology) • 2–2, page 1 Commanding Standard, U. T. Army Materiel Command • 2–3, webpage 2

*This regulation supersedes AR 702–11, dated 12-15 April lates 1970s

AR 702–11 • a couple of March 2007



Contents—Continued Almost all Army personnel elements, Armed service Commands, Immediate Reporting Models, and Army Service Aspect Commands • 2–4, site 2 Phase 3 Quality Program Requirements, page two Quality administration • 3–1, page a couple of Life-cycle support • 3–2, page 2 Interface with systems anatomist processes • 3–3, page 2 Risk-based planning • 3–4, site 3 Voice of the consumer • 3–5, page three or more Preventive and corrective actions • 3–6, page a few Core competencies • 3–7, page 3 Quality community of practice • 3–8, page three or more Benchmarks and partnerships • 3–9, web page 3 Single-process initiatives...