Strong Beliefs « a great Man Is difficult to Find» Essay

Strong Values

Possess values seriously change over the years? In Flannery O'Connor's brief story " A Good Man Is Hard to Find” principles are really pictured as being a part of the past. Beliefs such as family values and individuals values fantastic important and O'Connor seriously tries to get her way by using the persona from the friends and family to show that they have lost admiration towards the other person and other people as well. The worst factor is that the characters don't also realize the way they act with each is basically wrong and do not seem to whatever it takes about it because of the lack of self-discipline.

The friends and family really has no values at all, this all due to not having respect toward one and other. John Wesley and 06 Star the children in the reality series a great deal of having no relatives values in any way. These youngsters are very obnoxious and out spoken. For example when Steve Wesley disrespectfully interrupts the conversation that the father has with the granny about her not wanting to head to Florida he says ‘if you don't want to go to Florida, so why dontcha stay at home”. Then the girl June Star adds in by expressing " your woman wouldn't work to be california king for a day”. These are very clear examples that family beliefs are not crucial to these youngsters because they are speedy to back talk to the grandmother.

Your children also show that having no ideals doesn't as well stay just within the family members but also towards other people. June Superstar the little girl tells Reddish Sam's partner about why she wouldn't want to have with all of them. June Superstar says " No My spouse and i certainly didn't, I would not live in a broken-down place like this for the million dollars! ” Also the granny doesn't actually show any kind of values at all because of her racist responses using terms such as, nigger and pickaninny. These are phrases that people will discover offensive but due to having no values she will not see any wrong. This brings to my personal next point.

Having not family nor people principles the friends and family doesn't appear to see their particular faults...