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Exec Summary

MARZ Foods, LLC is a manufacturer of fully all natural seasoned vinegar that is certainly healthy and delicious. The first item we will certainly launch is Joe's Expert Vinegar. The recipe was handed down in the owner's relatives for at least 4 generations, and are ready to reveal it together with the world. This is actually the first seasoning sauce of its kind and currently it includes no competition. Joe's features several marketing points. For starters, there's no various other product want it. Through the use of a food broker and style sampling, we are confident the product might be a huge success. Second, the prospective market is enormous. Nearly every person of grocery-purchasing age could have a reason to try Joe's Seasoned White vinegar. Whether it is a young person that is thinking about great tasting zero calorie food, a parent that might try anything to get their kids to eat fruit and vegetables, or an elderly individual that needs no-salt condiments, Joe's Seasoned White vinegar is the product of choice! This produces a local marketplace of above 75, 500 and over one hundred ten million in the country. It is possible which our seasoned white vinegar is really effective for you! Studies show that apple cider vinegar and garlic, two of Joe's Seasoned Vinegar's materials, help reduce high blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, prevent blood clots, stop cancer, and protect against bacterial and fungal infections. Last but not least, the product posseses an incredible lab-tested shelf life of 24 months. This implies there is nominal risk for the two retailer or for MARZ Foods, LLC. The owners/operators of MARZ Foods, LLC are Nicole Martin and Barry Muslow. Barry is in the process of being trained by Johnson & Wales like a chef and has possessed and controlled several powerful entrepreneurial ventures. Nicole has over 8 years in project managing experience. Nicole and Barry's dedication and past knowledge will ensure sustainable growth intended for MARZ Food, LLC's production. MARZ Foods, LLC believes we can reach earnings by the end of 2008 and forecasts practically one million dollars in net profit in just 2 yrs. The financials within the plan further enhance the exciting expected business. 1 ) Objectives

MARZ Food, LLC features several targets that they will obtain within the first three years. Is an increase in product sales reaching more than one million dollars right at the end of 2009. MARZ Food, LLC will certainly strive to receive gross margins to be over 50%. MARZ Foods, LLC hopes to become selling mass quantities to grocery and wholesale shops through the use of a food broker by the third quarter of 2008. Sales should reach over one million dollars by the end of 2009. 2 . Mission

MARZ Foods, LLC's mission should be to provide scrumptious condiments which might be 100% all natural, organic, healthful, and delicious. 3. Important factors to Success

• Providing high quality fully natural goods at an affordable price. • Producing items with a lengthy shelf life.

• Providing services, support, and a better than average perimeter to our suppliers. • Raising net cashflow to over five million dollars by the end of 2010. 1 . The Company

MARZ Foods, LLC's mission is to provide scrumptious condiments which can be 100% organic and natural, organic, healthy, and scrumptious. The kick off product is a classic family formula that preferences amazing and may possibly have healing side effects such as being able to help lower high blood pressure (this claim has not been substantiated by any medical professional or group). The immediate goals in order to produce promote our item in the local farmers' markets and specialty shops, then to add selling in the product in in-state fests, and eventually broadening to grocery chains and wholesale golf clubs state and nation wide. MARZ Foods, LLC will continue R& D activities to perceive new flavours to guarantee the long-term accomplishment of the business. 1 . Business Ownership

MARZ Foods, LLC is a private corporation possessed in total simply by its co-founders, Nicole Matn and Craig...

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