Art: A Rendezvous of Myth and Mind Dissertation

Monday, twenty six October 2009


This kind of dissertation titled ART AS A RENDEZVOUS OF MYTH AND MIND: A PSYCHOANALYTIC AND MYTHOLOGICAL RESEARCH OF O V VIJAYAN'S THE TALES OF KHASAK explores the way the judicious selection and make use of literary theory can are the cause of the common appeal of The Legends of Khasak, a belated personal translated object rendering of a famous regional work in Malayalam, Khasakkinte Ithihasam published by the eminent writer U V Vijayan, and thus claim its artsy value. Divided into four chapters, the texte blends the kin hypotheses of Psychoanalytic and Mythological criticism and applies that to the new. The Intro sets the ground for the analysis by simply exploring the opportunity of the story in the relative study of literature. It also asserts the author's place in the regional and Of india English piece of materials and determines his innovative genius with reference to the work deemed. The second chapter, titled The Dark Burial container, studies the aspects of psychoanalytic theory that can be used in the analysis from the novel. That deals generally with Freudian theories which explore the dark vaults of the psyche of the character types in the story. The third phase, titled Ancient Moulds, studies Mythological or perhaps Archetypal critique and examines the novel for recurring mythical and archetypal patterns. The finishing chapter studies how psychoanalytic theory and mythological studies can are the cause of the general appeal of the task and also advises areas for further research. Published by Preethu at 02: 05 Not any comments:


Literature, having its immense range and appeal that goes beyond the intervalle of zeitgeist, demands a touchstone with equally endless bound, since it is a ethnic product of humanity, and an offshoot of this can be Comparative Literature which issues itself while using basic set ups which underlie every sort of literature. There may be, " theoretically, no limit to their scope. ” (Pathak, 18).. Translation studies, another important offshoot of Comparative Literature, matches the kaleidoscopic richness with the multilingual situation of India. Indian novels are best examine from the multiple perspectives of comparative books, translation and critical theory. Comparative research diversify the putative unanimity of the land. Translation of texts in regional 'languages' to and from The english language ensures a text's living as a ‘pan-Indian' object. Essential theory proposes interpretive paradigms with which to shift fictional boundaries. This kind of dissertation analyses the book The Tales of Khasak penned by the eminent article writer O Sixth is v Vijayan through these views. Being the magnum opus of Um V Vijayan, The Tales of Khasak offers a fitting analyze for saying his stance among the fictional genius in the nation which will forms a place of research of Comparison Literature. A self-translated making of a expert piece that resets a history of Malayalam fiction, The Legends of Khasak is also a wealthy specimen for translation studies. Cast within an antique, surreal environs, however narrating the tale of mentally intricate personas whose life is closely interlinked with myths, the story offers fertile ground pertaining to the application of two core areas of critical theory- Psychoanalytic critique and Mythological/Archetypal studies. Oottupulackal Velukkutty Vijayan, popularly generally known as O Versus Vijayan, contains the covetous position

of experiencing reset the history of his language into what happened before and after the syndication of his magnum gyvas. His fictional progress had not been swift as he had to take on hurdles, hostile critics, bias and even insinuational plagiarism. Overall, he has contributed six novels, seven collections of short stories, six choices of politics essays and a volume of satire. He has also translated his individual works in to English. He was a true futurist and India's foremost fabulist in the recent past. His writing is as evocative since that of Bill Cuthbert Faulkner and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Speaking of his enormous...