Reflective Reading Essay

Action Reading Reflecting Paper

Anissa Gaines

EDU 371

Karen Foster

Summer 7, 2010

Action Examining 2

Learning to browse is the most important point a child will ever learn. All of us learn to browse to read to learn. Yes we learn through experience, however the majority of what we should learning will come in reading. Designing a love to get reading is going to lead to successful educational knowledge.

My experience with teaching the teachings from COMPACT DISC 1 & 2 was for the most part fun. I employed my eight and nine year old children. Initially I thought my seven year old can be bored with that, because she is an more rapid reader. After we really got into the lessons she was rediscovering things about foundational reading that she had forgotten. For the first COMPACT DISK, I think the song presentation of the notification sounds helped to hold the seven 12 months olds fascination. The activity that had the kids sliding appears together utilizing the cards is known as blending noises to make entire words. In addition they used the job book to accomplish different actions. The 1st lesson talked to all of them about the foundation of our alphabet, which they both found it interesting. With CD you, we quite simply repeated skills learned repeatedly. The girls were not familiar with the word engine sounds, but they gasped the concept and followed along without a issue. I noticed that with used this kit with children who can already read, still has benefits. Refractive Paper 3

My husband and I at times have to appropriate the girls inside their speech, mainly because they tend to express things just as they might right here a friend declare them which in turn most of the time can be incorrect. Those activities from the system present the proper sounds and pronunciations of words.

About CD two, we spent extra time declaring the sounds as quickly as we could by following the disc. On CD 2 it gave much more history to get the girls to learn. They found that our vocabulary came from the Romans whom took it to the English Isles in which it became the British language all of us speak today. What I did find difficult is that we had a bit trouble pursuing, because I was not sure which cards the disc was referring to. After we got back on course, the girls played the shortcut game for any very long time and seemed to have really enjoyed it. What I liked one of the most about the shortcut video game was the do it again ion. By simply saying the sounds repeatedly helps trainees remember. Additional thing that stuck out about this particular exercise was that she urged the children to use multi sensory faculties. The more sensory faculties you use the more you learn. All of us ended our lesson activities from the publication learning to utilize the th, sh, ch, and wh sounds. In this workout the girls utilized these seems by sliding them together to make a expression. The compact disk talked Refractive Paper some

about putting up walls, although I did not quite understand the idea. Nevertheless, your children complete CD1 & CD2 and are excited about the upcoming lessons. This paper files the progress of my own students employing CD 3 and 5. As you know I have been using my two daughters who happen to be seven and nine year's olds. We all started off reviewing what we recently learned by CD you and installment payments on your The duplication has developed into the best way to for the students to remember what they have discovered. Even though my personal students know how to read, they are extremely interested and engaged in the lesson. The songs as well as the music are incredibly instrumental in holding all their attention. Even as we moved throughout the first dvd the students discovered how to break words in to syllables and identify all of them by clapping as they stated the word. A number of games were implemented through this session that focused on producing words using sounds. Applying shortcuts to create words was an easier way pertaining to the students to create words. That they really enjoyed the game, and played for awhile. They played a tick tack feet game where they utilized sounds to look for words with all the same sound. I played this game with the young ladies and this Reflective Conventional paper...

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