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Vivan Bearing, a Philosophy Mentor of 17th Century Poems, was educated by Dr . Kelekian that she has an extremely aggressive form of Stage IV ovarian tumor that has metastasized. This is described as an isidious cancer with pernicious side effects. Vivian agreed to the incredibly aggressive and experimental plan for treatment that her doctor encouraged. Dr . Kelekian also directed Ms. Bearing that she'd have to stop teaching on her behalf treatment.

I feel that the individual here, would not realize the severity of her diagnosis and the probability of remission or treating her cancer. She seemed to believe that she was strong therefore she would always be cured with this treatment. I think the doctor should have spent more time explaining the odds of recovery, side effects of chemotherapy, the severity of her cancer and this there was simply no proof she'd be cancers free. Doctor Kelekian looked like there was more interested in learning and trying out this chemo treatment than with figuring out what Vivian basically wanted to carry out when offered a realistic photo of what was to come.

While obtaining treatment, Vivian often seemed she was not included. The procedure team of Dr . Kelekian and many other doctors could stand about her pickup bed and speak about her and her disease as if the girl wasn't within the room. Inside the video, Vivian stated that she wished she would possess asked more questions. She was irritated that everybody would request, " How is your day doing today? " People did not seem concerned, don't smile or seem to really care. They will just stroll inside, ask how your woman was and what she needed, then leave. This made the person feel like no-one cared about how precisely she genuinely felt. The lady was just another person in their routine. Sooner or later, Susie, a nurse, reached out to Vivian and they shaped a relationship. Susie recommended for Vivan in the end in the movie once Jason, Vivian's former pupil and certainly one of her doctors, called a Code Blue despite the fact that Vivian was a DNR.

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