Poe and Gothicism Essay

Ms. Owens

Honors British II

12-15 May 2012

Portrayal of Gothicism in " The Sleeper"

Gothicism is a subgenre of Romanticism that includes themes of supernaturalism as well as the darkness of human psychology. Edgar Allan Poe's " The Sleeper" is a mystical poem that focuses on various elements of Gothicism. In the poem, the narrator observes a phantasmagorical area with air, a devious lake, and a cemetery. He is searching for the tomb where his lover, Irene, lies. The narrator finds her severe and updates that she looks very different. He desires that Irene sleeps peacefully and that her eternal rest is not interrupted by ghosts. All the narrator can do is come by Irene's grave and mourn right up until he can be with her once again in the what bodes. Referring to Poe's biography, Edgar Allan Poe wrote these kinds of dark items of literature as they was neglected during his childhood: " Allan (Edgar's guardian) by no means adopted the boy [Poe], and never loved him, either" (Mabbott and Perkins). Also, many of his woman loved ones have got died of tuberculosis, motivating Poe to write about girls full of sadness, which is one of the main ideas in " The Sleeper". Because of a " damsel in distress", supernaturalism, and dark establishing, " The Sleeper" exhibits the characteristics of Gothicism extensively.

Edgar Allan Poe was obviously a very stressed child and grew up to become disturbed gentleman. He never had the childhood that everyone else do because his father paid out absolutely no focus on him. Poe wrote extremely gloomy poems because of his childhood and lack thereof. Also, he had connection with death in the family a lot of00 times. His parents died when he was only couple of years old, thus he then existed with the Allans. Edgar's protector had simply no love to get him in any respect and " Poe, for his part, took Allan's name yet never needed it" (Mabbott and Perkins). This lack of affection and affection caused Poe to write regarding dark images and death because that was what he recognized best. His horrible childhood attributed to that cause while...