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Indian Organic farming

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| 1| Executive Summary| 2|

| 2| Introduction| 3|

| 3| Demographic of India| 3|

| 4| Objective of study| 4|

| 5| What is organic farming| 4|

| 6| why to look organic| 4|

| 7| Of india domestic Market| 5|

| 7. 1| American indian organic products| 5|

| several. 2| Reasons for unsold stock of organic and natural products| 7| | | 7. 3| Potential customers to get organic products in domestic market| 7| | | 8| Non-Governmental organizations| 8|

| eight. 1| Types of farmers in organic and natural farming| 8|

| 8. 2| Program intended for small farmers| 8|

| 9| Certification| 9|

| 9. 1| Certification body in India| 9|

| 9. 2| Cost of inspection and certification| 9|

| 10| Frame condition of the organic market in India & Recommendation| 9| | | 11| Awareness regarding organic products| 10|

| 12| nonconsumer of organic products| 11|

| 13| Demand for Of india Organic products inside the domestic & Export markets| 11| | | 13. 1| Home-based market| 11|

| 13. 2| Export Market| 11|

| 13. 3| Supply| 12|

| 13. 4| The International Market| 13|

| 13. 5| Suggested Objectives| 14|

| 14| Federal government support to the sector | 14|

| 15| Integrity and sustainability at the centre of organic development| 14| | | В | Growing market| 14|

| 16| The focus on India & sustainability | 15|

| В | Key signals 2012| 16|

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The relatively excessive success of organic farming in some countries are due to the high knowing of the health complications caused by the intake of contaminated foods, the side effects of environment degradation, appropriate supports by government and organizations such as the European Union and International Federation of Organic Agriculture Motions (IFOAM). The financial support for organic farming prolonged by different national and provincial government authorities in these countries is very significant to push up the spread of organic methods. Strong advertising networks backlinks the farms, processing and distribution and the organization of production underneath the NGOs with stringent certification programmes were other facts, which contributed to the growth of organic farming. The growth rate of market values of organic products is approximately 20 per cent per annum in some of these countries.

The traditional farming acquired helped India not only to develop enough foodstuff for very own consumption yet also produced surpluses for exports. Yet , the raising population and income will certainly lead to even more increases in demand for meals and also for raw materials to get industry. The present day system of farming, it is significantly felt, has become unsustainable because evidenced simply by declining crop productivities, damage to environment, chemical substance contaminations, etc . The necessity of having an alternative culture method that may function within a friendly eco-system while keeping and raising the crop productivity can be realized right now. Organic farming is recognized as the very best known substitute for the conventional agriculture.

The progress of organic farming in India is very slow. We are able to convert only forty one, 000 anordna of area so far, the mere zero. 03 percent of the grown area. These figures should be compared to 2, 58, 500 ha (11. 30 every cent) of Austria, one particular, 02, 8888888888 ha (9. 70 every cent) of Switzerland, 1, 83, 1000 ha (7. 94 every cent) of Italy, six, 32, 165 ha (3. 70 every cent) of Germany and 9, 60, 000 ' (0. 23 per cent) of UNITED STATES. The production of organic facilities came to about 14, 1000 tonnes in India during 2002 and 85 per cent of it was exported. Home consumption is usually marginal and...

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