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 Optical Camouflage Technology Dissertation


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Optical Cover up

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Imagination is usually impetus to Creativity, creativity defines Art, art redefines Perfection and Science is aimed at understanding this kind of perfection simply by developing Solutions. One such Technology which came into existence is OPTIC CAMOUFLAGE. The term camouflage comes from the French phrase 'camoufler' that means 'to disguise'. Optical is the term that refers to most forms of lumination and optic camouflage give invisibility inside the visible area of the range. camouflage is known as a method that permits an object to be indiscernible from the surrounding environment. The rule of optic camouflage uses RPT Technology. RPT means Retro Refractive Projection technology. It is a output based increased reality program composed of projector with small iris and retro refractive screen. optical camouflage needs a cloak, online video camera, your computer, a projecter, a ordonner which are used in the procedure of getting one hidden. The real time applications is in hostipal wards, pilots and cars etc . KEYWORDS:

Cloaks, optical cover up, mutual living, augmented fact system.

Invisibility cloak:

A retro-reflective material is protected with thousands and thousands of small beads. When light happens one of these beads, the light sun rays bounce back exactly in the same direction from where they emerged. To understand how come this is exceptional, look at how light demonstrates off of various other surfaces. A rough area creates a dissipated reflection because the incident (incoming) light sun rays get scattered in many distinct directions. A perfectly smooth surface area, like that of the mirror, makes what is known like a specular representation -- a mirrored image in which event light rays and mirrored light light form the exact angle with the mirror surface area. In retro-reflection, the glass beads act like prisms, twisting the light sun rays by a method known as refraction. This triggers the mirrored light light to travel back along the same path because the occurrence light sun rays. The result: An observer situated at the source of light receives many reflected light and therefore recognizes a lighter reflection.

Retro-reflective elements are actually rather common. Traffic indications, road indicators and bike reflectors all take advantage of retro-reflection to be more visible to people driving at nighttime. Movie screens used in most modern commercial theaters also take advantage of this material since it allows for substantial brilliance under dark conditions. In optical camouflage, the usage of retro-reflective material is critical as it can be seen via far away and out of doors in glowing sunlight -- two requirements for the illusion of invisibility.

Video Camera:

The retro-reflective garment doesn't actually make a person undetectable -- in fact , it's perfectly opaque. What the garment truly does is produce an optical illusion of invisibility by performing like a film screen onto which a picture from the history is expected. Capturing the background image needs a video camera, which rests behind the person wearing the cloak. It from the camera should be in a digital format so it can be provided for a computer for processing.


Every augmented-reality devices rely on effective computers to synthesize graphics and then superimpose them on a real-world image. For optic camouflage to work, the hardware/software combo must take the captured graphic from the video camera, estimate the appropriate perspective to reproduce reality and...

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