Olympic Games 2012 - Markating Mix Essay

The Olympics - London 2012

Birmingham is one of the superb and most diverse world metropolitan areas – which means it's always growing and changing. Winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games provides provided activate London's revival, giving a chance to enhance and accelerate existing plans, and making new projects feasible.

The Games will take place during July – September 2012:

Olympics occurs 27th September – 12th August

Paralympics takes place 29th August – 9th Sept

•26 Olympic sports in 31 venues

•20 Paralympic sports in twenty-one venues

•10, 250 Olympic sports athletes and some, 000 Paralympic athletes

•20, 500 press and media

•Over being unfaithful million tickets

London 2012's ambition is always to create Games for everyone, where everyone is asked to take part, join in and revel in the most fascinating event on the globe. They will generate the most attainable and participative Games. It will eventually touch people as it has never done just before, stimulating people to do the to make an effort new things and reassess whatever we are all in a position of. Birmingham 2012 provides sport in its heart and London on the centre, but it really is more than London and even more than sport. It is a Games for London, the UK and the rest of the universe, for sport and lifestyle, for volunteers and organization. (http/www.london.)

London, uk 2012 Marketing and Sponsorship Ideas

The planners plan to draft a support strategy that can enable companies to understand the categories of support that will be available and the big and exclusive marketing chances which come in the combination of the worlds powerful Olympic brand and probably the most iconic cities. The importance of protecting attract investment will probably be secured by the IOC's comprehensive brand protection system. The Olympic partners, sponsors and companies are the lifeblood of the Olympic Movement and still have made exceptional contributions to success of the Olympic Games and deserve extended support and protection. Good controls around the use of the Olympic icons and brand are essential for creating the right environment for appealing to and supporting companies who wish to become Olympic sponsors. The London 2012 Games will certainly minimise the look and operational differences between two multiple sport incidents (Olympic and Paralympic Games) and cause new commercial opportunities for the Paralympic Games. This can be a great environment which will help for the most powerful results for the Paralympic Games, as well. They estimate with revenues from IOC administered broadcasting rights as well as the Worldwide Olympic Partners (TOP) programmes, when London organisers are attain revenues coming from ticket product sales, licensing, which includes merchandise and domestic support and suppliership programmes.

The brand name

For the first time, the Olympic and Paralympic Game titles will be portion of the same manufacturer family. Greater london is using a powerful manufacturer in order to obtain their desire. A brand that combines the potency of the Olympic rings as well as the city of London together.


The number 2012 is all their brand. It can be universal and understandable globally. The aim was to create a colour pallette of colours, lines and shapes that create strength, inspiration and interest. The emblem comes as red, orange, green or blue and the cartoon version online changes between four shades. The logo is simple, unique, bold and full with energy. It is form is usually inclusive but consistent and has amazing flexibility to encourage get and contribution. It can communicate with anyone via commercial organisations to youngsters playing sport. It feels young in spirit. Packed with confidence, certainty and prospect. The Games' Marks can be utilised with the authorisation of the Greater london 2012 Arranging Committee. Authorisation will only be provided with to standard sponsors, licensees and noncommercial partners.

Promotion and PR

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games symbolize a unique possibility to promote London, uk as the best city in the...

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