National Tumor Consciousness Week Essay

National Cancer Consciousness Week

National Cancers Consciousness Week is a week-long celebration placed annually to improve public knowledge and knowledge of cancer and to provide support to tumor patients and survivors. It is celebrated around the third week of January.



The initially National Cancer Consciousness Week was held in '1975 by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No . 1348. The 1st National Cancers Conference was also kept during the same year.


A march and a special program were held at the Philippine General Hospital's quadrangle in celebration of National Cancers Consciousness Week. Activities held during the year had been focused on highlighting the role of tobacco smoking in the development of lung cancer. Organizers have also made it a point to make the public aware of the consequence of cigarette smoking to women and the youth.


The idea for 12 months was " Cancer Start @ seventy: Reinvigorating The Role in Cancer Prevention and Treatment. ” Bravehearts, the information drive arm in the Cervical Cancers Prevention Network joined the celebration to help spread details about cervical tumor in the Philippine community. The highlight of the 2008 special event was the releasing of 3 websites intended for cancer marketing campaign awareness. One more initiative was your call for bigger taxes about tobacco and cigarettes, demanding implementation of proper cigarette labeling, and a ban upon advertisements on tri-media.


Primary of the 2010 celebration was public recognition on tumor as a lifestyle-related illness. Relating to Section of Well being, unhealthy diet plans and nutrition and reduced physical activity can result in cancers. The Department urged everyone to set more concern with regard to their health and daily habits that affects all their lifestyle.

Malignancy in the Thailand

When one has malignancy, abnormal skin cells grow unmanageable in the body and invade various other body damaged tissues. It at some point affects the health of the individual and might eventually cause death. The behavior and growth of these unusual cells vary among types of cancer. The early recognition of the cancers can help stop the spread of the disease to the overall body. It is hence important that persons understand that cancer can be cured through treatment and choosing healthy options. Cancer is largely considered a lifestyle-related disease. Many chemical, biological, radioactive, and other naturally occurring and artificial substances, along with predisposing factors and high-risk behaviors like smoking, diet, sexual activity, polluting of the environment and occupational exposure had been linked to malignancy. Many different types of cancers have been recognized. In the Korea, the most common sites of reported deaths via cancer are the trachea, bronchus and lung (8. 5 deaths per 100, 500 population), breast (4. 5 per 100, 000) and leukemia (2. 9 per 100, 000). Among guys, the leading sites are the lungs, prostate, colorectal area and liver. Among females, the main sites are definitely the breast, womb, cervix and lungs. Between children, the key cancers will be the leukemia and lymphomas. Yearly, about 200, 000 Filipinos suffer from cancers pain. Tumor ranks the 3rd in the eight leading reasons for mortality. Rather in all age groups and both equally sexes together with the highest number of deaths between males. Lung cancer ranks the highest cancer site amongst males although breast cancer rates high the highest cancers site for females. Indeed, tumor is a significant public health menace all over the world. But cancer is actually a killer disease only when not really detected early on and positions a great burden not only to the patients, people, and residential areas, sectors of the society as well as the national development of the country. To be able to sustain the health promotion element on the reduction and power over cancer, the Department of Health has scheduled monthly calendar of events the following calendar of events is definitely celebrated monthly.


Tumor cells happen to be...

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