«Masque of the Red Death»  «The Raven» Comparability Essay

Edgar Allan Poe was obviously a writer observed for consistencies in the dark and gothic design in his writing. Poe was obviously a very popular pertaining to his short stories and poems which clearly shows his imaginative brilliance. Having been renowned while the grasp of fear and also noted, read, and appreciated to get his several short testimonies and poetry. His articles are uniquely horrifying and challenging at the same time, as well as as bring up the question of life and death. In the writing he has portrayed a familiar tempo throughout his work. He uses the theme of death and it is probably related to the death of his fresh wife " Virginia" or his mom, who passed away when he was only three. Poe is usually obsessed with the theme of color he uses through his writing, to spell out simple imagery or to generate symbolism. In the short tale, " The Masque from the Red Death, " plus the poem, " The Raven, " Edgar Allan Poe uses related themes of death and uses color excessively showing imagery and symbolism.

It really is clear that Edgar Allan Poe was obsessed with the main topic of death and it is even more crystal clear that he previously an extremely dark imagination. Poe describes fear and death all through his writing. Just by taking a look at his dialect, you can tell his motives were to hit terror in to the hearts of the reader. Most of his adjectives and adverbs are very dark, sinister, and gothic. He uses his narrators to steadily build the suspense by having these people become more paranoid as the storyline progresses. The characters in many of his stories such as the " The Masque of the Red Death" and " The Raven" become more irregular as the story/poem advances. In the raven, the story is approximately the man who also dreads within the death of his beloved wife Lenore. Throughout the account he wishes have the ability to find her once again and pleads to a raven if he could let him. The raven on its own symbolizes death and declines the characters ever demand, although they weren't done intentionally. As it stated " sitting on the pallid bust of Pallas. " (104). The term...