Marketing 11e ArmstrongKotler Firm Case 6th, Darden Restaurants: Balancing Standardization and Differentiation.  P. A10, Dissertation

Marketing 11e Armstrong/Kotler

Firm Case 6, " Darden Restaurants: Balancing Standardization and Differentiation. ” (p. A10), Question one particular

Behavioral Segmentation -- The sit-down market section has been experiencing a decline in the quantity of customers who have are patronizing to sit-down style restaurants such as all those owned by simply Darden. It is believed this is a result of the economic fall may be compelling customers to get more very careful in the utilization of their discretional income. Geographic Segmentation - Darden's Longhorn chain is primarily found in the far eastern half of the region which will offer future options in regards to expansion. Demographic Segmentation - Darden's strategy in regards to the Red Lobster chain is a wonderful example of Market Segmentation. He identified the gap involving the white tablecloth style restaurant and the fast food chain and he packed that emptiness with Red Lobster. Psychographic Segmentation – Darden's Olive Garden cycle of restaurants have efficiently created a contrived Italian family members to ensure that individuals shoppers seeking psychological nourishment find what they are looking for. Olive Garden marketing found that their customers were hoping to find more than physical nourishment. Problem 2

The Darden Organization has done a very good job for downplaying the regular ownership with their restaurants and maintaining their distinct brands. The number of brands under Darden ownership is incredibly impressive, especially considering that prior to this report I had never heard of the Darden Company; Eddie V's Primary Seafood, Wildfish Seafood Grille, The Capital Bumper grille, Bahama Air flow, Seasons 52 and the Garden House are Darden efforts. Each of these business lines are positioned to meet specific customer demands without belying their company ownership. Problem 3

While the standardization of the kitchen operations helps bring about an efficient and cost effective plan, it can also lead to each manufacturer becoming more such as the other...