Malcolm X: Informative Speech Essay

п»їDedrick Smitherman

Informative presentation outline

Ocotber 15, 2014

I. Perhaps you have ever considered who the other commanders of the City Rights Movements were? There were many wonderful leaders during the Civil Privileges Movement. The two main man figures were Martin Luther King Junior, and Malcom Little also known as Malcom Times who today I will you give you his insight of his values and how they are really still relevant today and inform you of history of his assassination plus the explanation behind it. II. Today, African People in america unarmed are being wiped out for no reason; intended for an example the Trayon Martin case and the Mike Brown case. Malcom X in the 1930s-40s preached about how Africa Americans were treated in a different way and perspective unequal and unworthy inside the eyes more and his morals are still relevant in today's news. III. My own cousin Puncture was killed by white colored supremacists and crooked police in Liverpool before I was even delivered. Malcolm X's preachings together with the other Municipal Rights Motion leaders were to prevent situations like this from happening. IV. There are many African American individuals who were killed simply by white supremacists in the awaken of blacks trying to fight because of their individuality and equality to confront segregation. V. 1st I will provide you info about Malcom X's early on life, Country of Islam teachings and then his killing. Body

We. Malcolm By was born May 19, 1925. He had a very rough early life. A. According to notablebiographies. com, that I found on today, his family transferred around usually because of ethnic threats through the Ku Klux Klan. His father, who was a Baptist minister and a fans of Marcus Garvey was murdered the moment Malcolm was 16. N. Malcolm considered crime since his means of relieving anxiety. According into a biography posted on malcolmx. com found today Malcolm fantastic bestfriend were jailed to get a burgulary in 1946. Having been sentenced to 10 years in prison had been he converted his existence and examine books upon philosophy. This individual took the letter " X” to relate...