Louie Wd Autosaved Dissertation

п»їCase Title: How to handle it about Louie?

I. Affirmation of the Difficulty

a. Major

How will the management handle the social and demographical diversity within Louie's branch of Mighty Muffler Brake especially Louie himself? b. Minimal

we. What activity would you advise to help make Louie more widely sensitive? ii. What improvements might Louie make to turn into a truly multicultural manager?

II. Statement of Objectives

a. To inspire Louie to have better public relations with his colleagues and buyers. b. To spread out his head to the cultural and demographical diversity within and outside his branch. c. To build a multicultural environment.

III. Aspects of Consideration

a. Strengths

we. Location of Louie's retail outlet is located smartly in a booming area around a busy motorway. ii. Total business overall performance of his store can be satisfactory. iii. The customers will be pleased with the assistance they provide. iv. Reasonable costs and charges.

b. Weaknesses

i. Offensive jokes and misbehaviour of Louie towards his personnel and clients. ii. Poor multicultural environment.

iii. The manager (Louie) is too arrogant.

c. Possibilities

i. Because the customers are pleased with the services, they will be more encouraged to trust the corporation and to advise its services to various other potential customers. 2. Mighty Muffler's pleasing solutions will enhance its success. iii. The management might be encouraged to widen their particular market through opening added branches. d. Threats

i. Complaints about Louie's relationship with the employees and customers, the latter might be frustrated from consistently working for the organization and patronizing its providers respectively. ii. Competitors offering the same satisfaction as their own with a even more approachable supervisor. iii. Ill-tempered, impatient, and/or narrow-minded customers

4. Alternative Methods of Action

a. Fire Louie and seek the services of a new supervisor.


i. Without Louie in the firm, the administration will not be obtaining complaints in the employees and customers that they will be being genuinely offended by the jokes thrown to them. ii. The threat of having buyers turning to competition might be avoided. Disadvantages:

my spouse and i. As a administrator, he is a property of the business with his pleasing performance about managing the company's finances. Shedding him as a manager might affect the firm's sales in his area. ii. There is no peace of mind that the recently hired manager would be as good as Louie in terms of managing provider's finances and operation. iii. There is a likelihood that the management will retain the services of another Louie or most severe.

w. Conduct range training for staff and Louie himself.


we. It will enhance cultural recognition, knowledge and communication in the branch. ii. A diverse labor force working in a harmonious relationship leads to better ideas. Having workers whom differ in manners of considering and points of views enhances the quality and quantity of ideas produced. iii. It is going to make the staff more capable of handling problems and seeking opportunities creatively. iv. People in the organization would be able to understand, value, and deal with each other peoples differences. versus. Promoting better teamwork.


i. Variety management could possibly be costly as it demands period from the management team and in some instances; it would need the organization to spend third parties to provide training for the employees. These costs are often an on-going ought to train the newly-hired also to regularly coach the experienced in order to keep a multicultural environment. ii. The employees and Louie will need to allot commitment to the explained training rather than focusing more on the functions of their organization.

c. Notify Louie in the feedbacks this individual gets from people inside and outside his workplace.

Positive aspects:

i. He can be more aware about what other folks think and feel regarding the way this individual treats them and the jokes he cracks on them. ii. He would turn into a person who...