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The japanese is the region that have a lot of sweet, so whenever we need to get the foreign exchange market. We must know the information and characteristic of customer. From the research, we found the consumer like the your favorite ice cream are ladies, children and teenager. The key competitors in Japan will be Glico Group, TOMI Very soft cream, and MEIJI because they are all in the teenagers industry that is the marketplace like I-berry company. The item of them prefer to focus only women but i-berry want to focus to everyone, every length of age. I-berry have a lot of taste of ice cream, we certainly have the taste by Thai fruits this is the well-known flavor. We will imagine the health that important of customer because we need the customer have the good and health.

The talents of competition is these are the brand unique, they know the dimensions of the base upon customer plus they have the royalty customer. The weakness of competitor draught beer have the old customer, they will don't try to improve the new product.

Glico Group

Increasingly affluent lifestyles are making people more discerning relating to their nutritional requirements and preferences. In order to meet diversified appetites, Glico accessories a complex business strategy with a great expanding offshore business network. This includes Thai Glico, Shanghai in china Ezaki Glico Foods and General Cookie Glico Italy. In Japan, various online marketers concentrate within their respective areas. For example , Glico Dairy Products items dairy products, refreshments and puddings, while Glico Foods generates and markets ham, sausages and precooked meat goods along with materials for processed foods. The Glico Group continues to increase the stage for its business activities to be able to achieve " A Healthful Life in the Best of Taste”Glico has its own first ice cream product lines. For instance, its " Large Cone” features ice cream, delicious chocolate and almonds in a significant cone. This device has become a sensational hit for its appealing flavor combination...