John Clare - 1st Love English Literary essay on like poetry

This kind of poem struck the spot. Psychologically that is. Why? Well, initially when i first heard of the assignment That i knew immediately what the poem was required to convey: 1st love. There is nothing sweeter, more fascinating than that first glance at love. It had to display the awkward feelings of love, the power of looking at one another, a composition that would explain the ye oulde 'butterflies in the stomach' but in a closer to life way. In addition , it had to bunch a sort of negative outcome of first love because it is not always perfect. After i began my search I must admit I actually avoided virtually any sonnet or perhaps love filled poem authored by Mr. William shakespeare. He offers reigned together with his sceptre lengthy enough; moreover My spouse and i don't enjoy his sonnets. True, they are really full of gorgeous imagery and great metaphors but they don't have a familiar feeling. Then I located it, 1st Love, by simply John Clare. It had all the elements I desired. Love poetry has never been my favourite type of poems but First take pleasure in has my personal blessing.

First impressions

After I browse it initially I kept straying by it to personal activities. Well, basically 'experience' since there is only one initial love. I do believe everybody who also reads this poem could have that. Hence the poem currently has that attractive power. It lies in the understanding of the motif and its straightforwardness and simpleness but I will get back to that (see section Form). Another attempt received me to focus on the contents. It is written from a first person watch and the key character tells us without conquering around the bush what she has feeling. This individual opens by confessing that he has never been struck that way before: this individual has been hit and feels disorientated. He describes the good feelings of falling in love using a information of the feeling.

" My personal face switched pale, a deadly paler... My thighs refused to walk away... "

But even though the poem seems to have this light-hearted, sweet motif, it does conclude with a somewhat ominous stanza, which could indicate 2 issues: the power of initially love or the...