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Upstream CAE-Compa-Unit 01


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Upstream Advanced -- Unit 1

Something to Shout About

Lead-in (p. 7)

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block out a believed (exp) sama dengan try not to consider

sth / ‰ÈÒ¯Óˆ ÌÈ· ÛΤ„Ë ·fi ÙÔ Ì˘·Ïfi ÌÔ˘ e. g. He blocked away all thoughts that he might fail; this individual

desperately necessary to win this kind of race.

channel one's initiatives (exp) = concentrate on,

attempt to do something rather than a larger

range of issues / ‰ÈÔ¯ÂÙ‡ˆ, ηÙ¢ı‡Óˆ

elizabeth. g. Your woman decided to funnel all her efforts in

meeting the deadline the girl had set herself.

turn into second nature (exp) = perform sth nearly

without thinking since one has turn into used

to it / Á›ÓÂÙ·È ‰Â‡ÙÂÚË Ê‡ÛË ÌÔ˘, ÙÔ Û˘ÓËı›˙ˆ e. g. The the game of golf professional shown the cerebrovascular accident and

told him to hold practising until it finally became second


quick thinking /kwæk ıæ…kæ…/ (phr) = to be able to

use your brain and create a thought quickly as well as


e. g. In urgent situations, speedy thinking features vital


foresight /f¥rsaæt/ (n) = the ability to observe what is

likely to happen in the foreseeable future and take

appropriate action / ÚÔÓÔËÙÈÎfiÙËÙ·,


e. g. Blessed with a great uncanny experience, he made a

fortune trading at the stock.

diplomacy /dæploμmºsi/ (n) = the skill of being

cautious to say or do things that may not upset

people as well as ‰Èψ̷ٛ·

electronic. g. With great diplomacy and soothing words, he

persuaded the delegate to resume his place in the

bargaining stand.

Der.: diplomatic (adj)

willpower /dæsæplæn/ (n) = the standard of being able to

act and work in a controlled way which usually

involves obeying rules / ÂÈı·Ú¯›·

e. g. The armed forces rely on discipline to maintain

order in the ranks and also obey instructions when in


Dieser.: disciplinary (adj), disciplinarian (n)

intellect /æntælekt/ (n) = the ability to figure out or

handle ideas and information / ÓÔËÌÔÛ‡ÓË

electronic. g. Mozart's great intelligence became obvious when

started composing music at the age of 6.

Der.: intellectual (adj)

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persuasion /pºrswΩ»ºn/ (n) =the ability to produce

someone think that sth is true / ÂÈıÒ

e. g. The villagers needed very much persuasion that may be was

secure before that they returned with their homes.

Dieser.: persuasive (adj)

team soul /t∞m spæræt/ (n) sama dengan the feeling of pride and

loyalty that exists among the members of the

team and makes them need their crew to do

well or end up being the best as well as ÔÌ·‰ÈÎfi Ó‡̷

e. g. The managing encouraged the employees to

play sports inside the belief it would increase team

heart in the office.

Browsing (pp. 8-9)

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set an objective (phr) sama dengan decide on what one hopes to

achieve as well as ‚¿˙ˆ ÛÙfi¯Ô

e. g. The counsellor advised the young woman to set a

goal that was achievable before moving forward to the

next step.

pursue a goal (phr) sama dengan make efforts to achieve sth

often over a long time period / ÂȉÈÒΈ ÙÔ

ÛÙfi¯Ô ÌÔ˘

at the. g. John pursued a goal to become a writer for years

until he finally succeeded in getting his job published.

belly instinct /g∑t ænstæ…kt/ (n) = an atmosphere based on

feelings rather than explanation / ¤ÓÛÙÈÎÙÔ

e. g. The frightened woman increased her rate; she

a new gut behavioral instinct that the girl was about to get robbed.

translate /æntªrpræt/ (v) = determine what the

that means or significance of sth is / ÂÚÌËÓ‡ˆ

elizabeth. g. The man's body language and evasiveness were

viewed by the police as signs of guilt.

Der.: interpreter (n), interpretation (n)

javelin /π±vlæn/ (n) sama dengan a long spear used in sports activities

competitions / ·ÎfiÓÙÈÔ

elizabeth. g. When ever Odysseus put the javelin, it arrived far

beyond the furthest throw of the other men.

claw one's way (exp) = move anywhere with

wonderful difficulty, trying desperately to find things

to support / ÁÚ·ÒÓÔÌ·È ·fi οÙÈ Î·È ÚÔ¯ˆÚÒ

e. g. Despite his lack of formal education, this individual still

managed to claw his way for the top.

be in contention (exp) = include a chance of winning sth /

¤¯ˆ ÙËÓ...