International Business Strategy

 International Organization Strategy Study Paper

п»їInternational Business Strategy

Dr . Wu Zan

**What is International BusinessВ?

- BusinessВ: Intergration of different efficient areas (HR, Accounting, Finance, Strategy…) -- International BusinessВ: business activities conducted throughout cultural and national limitations. - Real life examplesВ:

Were living age international organization and the positive effect. ExВ: Sydney = its government is definitely negociating a totally free trade agreement with China, its biggest international partner in business. During the past 50 years, Australia's mining market has been developing thanks to international business. It turned out declining as well because of international business in the past few years. But today, regarding international support industryВ: growth of travel, resorts, restaurants, fund, real estate, international students. - Scenario 1В: Ford (US) establishes developing facilities in China. => FDI sama dengan Foreign direct investment.

- Circumstance 2В: Australian BHP exports iron ore to Chinese suppliers. => worldwide trade (= Import/Export). -Scenario 3В: Motorola out-sources their after-sale services from India. India contains a comparative benefits in THIS, service-centers, … => worldwide outsourcing. (=outsource service/resource by another country). Many companies are outsourcing R& D abroad, exВ: Apple has a few R& Deb innovation and design structures, only 1 is in the US. - Scenario 4В: Toshiba and Phillips set up alliance in R& DВ: international partnership in proper R& M design and innovation.

**Why study Foreign businessВ?

expertise in global technique is highly preferred, and required in every useful expertise in a business. Worldwide assignments in multinational companies => we require preparation to go internationnally **HC OnlineВ: Perform aussie managers think worldwide enoughВ?

Lack of creativity and imperfect global tactics.

**ATKearneyВ: in top of talking to companies

All their global Organization policy Council has IB strategy expertiseВ: to build international strategy techniques for companies.

** What is StrategyВ?

We will not likely discuss practical level approaches (marketing strategy…). Strategic managing questionsВ:

Why do a couple of firms succeed while others failВ? (exВ: Apple VS Nokia) Why some firms get pleasure from sustainable competitive advantage wile others may (exВ: P& G) Ingredients of strategyВ: what way shall we takeВ? And then Make it happenВ: how to implement a strategyВ? ** What determines the International Failure or success of firmsВ? Fundamental query we'll be able to answer after that course. ** Purpose of the UnitВ:

Develop comprehension of the components of IB approach.

** Semester ProgramВ:

Module 1В: The positive effect and IB

Component 2В: Technique and Global Strategy

Module 3В: IB Approach

3 cases from ATKearneyВ:

A leading Western european household merchandise manufacturerВ

A multinational packaged food companyВ

For an integrated international apparel retailerВ

entry in market, tips for sales…

Article participation (5%) & contributionВ (10%): 15%

Final examВ: 54%

Group consulting projectВ: 30%

Consulting projectВ:

Determine =>

* Attractiveness of the country's market

* Competitors analysis

* Assess competitiveness of company

2. Value task of the item

* Options of entry function

* Pick a location inside the target nation

* Important operational concerns

=> Check Group project Guidelines under « Assessment »!

Week 2

Module 1В: Globalization, Worldwide Business and MNCs

1 . Globalization and inference

2 . International business & reasons

3. International Corporations (MNCs)

4. Accomplishment triangle

a few. Video Example

**Value of world export products (=international foreign trade = X-M) tripled between 1980 advertising 2000. FDI (foreign immediate investment) develop more than twenty-fold. 51 of top 90 economic entities (countries or perhaps companies) happen to be MNCs. Firms without intercontinental goals may find their domestic markets under threat coming from foreign competition....


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