Information Technology and Process Technology of Malaysia Airlines

 Information Technology and Process Technology of Malaysia Airlines Article


Through this rapidly changing world, folks are relying very much on airline companies to aid both all their personal and professional actions. Therefore , while people require the great speed transportation, the airline businesses have to problem themselves in providing the very best products and services to meet the demands and desires of the buyers. In the air travel industry, the efficiency is a vital element of run the business; it as a result should be attained by investing in new and advanced technologies that could steadily support the company in running and operating their business. Among the airline companies that identify this value is Malaysia Airlines; they have consistently embraced the improvements of technology to develop the ability in the operation procedures and others primary and support activities.

1 . you Purpose

The purpose of writing this report should be to explain the business operation inside the Malaysia Flight companies; it includes the procedures, techniques and systems that Malaysia Airlines utilizes in order to execute its everyday services. Nothing at all less, we all also intend to highlight the value of being successful and efficient in operating the whole procedure processes inside the Airline Market.

1 ) 2 Scope

The work fundamentally reports the main activities of Malaysia Airlines; it attempts to explain what style of competitive priorities Malaysia Airlines selects to focus on and attempts to completely identify the role of process technology as well as information technology that Malaysia Airline can be applied in jogging its organization.

1 ) 3 Constraint

The problems to finish this statement have been lowered to nominal throughout the complete process; the information regarding Malaysia Airlines as well as its role with technologies continues to be acquired sufficiently through several sources just like online periodicals and content articles. non-etheless, we still inevitably found a few difficulties in identifying provider's exact assets and tactics, this sort of issues emerge most likely because the business is unwilling to release information regarding the resources and strategies as it may harm their sources of competitive advantage. 2 . 0 FIRM BACKGROUND

Malaysia Airlines is a stated-owned banner carrier of Malaysia; included on 1 May 1947, it is probably the most successful airlines companies in Malaysia. The main link is in Kuala Lumpur Airport terminal (KLIA). Malaysia Airlines continues to be accredited by International Surroundings Transport Affiliation (IATA) for its operational protection conducts and practices, and has staying awarded five-star Airlines simply by SKYTRAX global airlines rank (SKYTRAX, 2012). These sorts of recognitions have rapidly given advantageous to the company to operate its business internationally along with promoting the quality to customers around the world.

2 . 1Vision

The most well-liked Premium Company

2 . 2Product As one of the planet's 5-star flight companies, Malaysia Flight companies provides different products and services to its buyers, these products and services most importantly are quality products which have been meant to satisfy the needs and wants of its consumers. Malaysia Air carriers offers many travel alternatives to the customers; through three cabin classes in its travel arrangements (first, business, economy), buyers can enjoy traveling with Malaysia Airlines to more than 110 destinations around six continents, the number of destinations however keeps changing as it changes the strategy ( Toh, 2011).

In addition to the maximum quality services offered, Malaysia Airlines has become continuously renewing its offers so that...


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