HMS Challenger Journal

Day one particular – January 23, 1872

Hello, record! It is the first official day of the adventure I am going to take on the HMS Challenger. The weather isn't to snob today in britain where our company is leaving from, it's a little rainy and cold, the worst combination. But! We must get a go forward, I'm extremely excited to start this voyage and I was honored to become a part of this history. I am just most excited and feel a sort of curiosity mainly because we have this kind of abundant sum of valuable technology. It can beautiful! We have microscope, that is used to seem extremely close into thing we find at the bottom of the water which is acquired by some thing called the base sampler. The base sampler is much like a giant net that goes over the ocean ground picking up contaminants and individuals. Things like covers and tiny sea animals are pulled into the net. Day a couple of – May1, 1873

At the moment, I and my partners are inside the Nova Scotia Gulf Stream. And lucky us, we certainly have the whole day off. We have been working exceptionally hard and diligently for months and I do believe that this is very well due ha-ha! I am going to use my working day off laughing and conversing with my ship mates. All of us will probably go to the bay around the port and catch a brewie. Might be some fabulous ladies will be there that individuals can get to talking with. We are ALL in dire need of that, especially since me personally and my own wife's divorce. Speaking of my children, I think after the bar with all the guys I might go ahead and set a letter. After which after that I'm going to sit on the particular edge of the ship and watch the sun arranged because there are not many days that pass that are as beautiful as today. Then catch a good evenings rest because we may too many of these around below! Day a few – September 9, 1873

I should really publish in my journal more often. Although anyways, I think we are on the way to Brazil or somewhere in South America. The weather today is normal, very even now and the atmosphere are out and it's partly sunny. Currently is not really a...