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Assisting Life: Globe's Surface and Landforms

The Lesson Actions will help you meet these educational goals: Science Inquiry—You is going to conduct on the web research associated with a series of photographs, develop ideas, and connect your results in created form. STEM—You will evaluate real-world info to gain regarding careers in Earth Science and Geology. 21st Century Skills—You will make use of online tools for study and analysis, use important thinking and problem-solving expertise, communicate successfully, and examine and confirm information. ________________________________________________________________________________


Create a response for each of the pursuing activities. When you have finished, post your work on your teacher. Examine the rubric towards the end of this doc to make sure work is conference the anticipated criteria.

Constructive and Destructive Operations

The earth is constantly changing. Constructive and damaging processes have reached work throughout the planet on a regular basis. Sometimes these types of changes happen slowly more than thousands of years and therefore are barely discovered. At other times, improvements are evident immediately. The pictures below, used at numerous locations, are evidence of these changes. The task is always to identify and describe the constructive and destructive operations that have took place or are occurring in each photograph.

a. Taku Glacier, Alaska

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b. Checkerboard Mesa, Zion National Recreation area, Utah

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c. lava dome, Mount St Helens, Wa

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deb. stream with the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, India

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e. Atlantic Marine, England

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n. Arches Countrywide Park, Utah

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g. Telescope Top, Death Area National Park, California

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h. basaltic lava columns, Zion National Area, Utah

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i. Nogahabara Sand Arete, Koyukuk Nationwide Wildlife Sanctuary, Alaska

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m. flooding, New jersey

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This rubric will be used by your instructor to quality your task.

Points feasible: 20 maximum

Constructive and Destructives Processes

identified the constructive process in every photograph (½ point) described or provided examples of the constructive process in every single photograph (½ point) identified the damaging process in each photo (½ point) described or gave samples of the damaging process in each photograph (½ point)