Discuss how cultural encounter informs the practice of artists Dissertation


PROBLEM: Discuss just how cultural knowledge informs the practice of artists

Modern-day artist Hossein Valamanesh and Janet Lawrence both have a unique and varied cultural backdrop in which notifies their practice. Hossein's social background underpins much of his art, intertwining both his Australian and Iranian backdrop. Lawrence's artworks are a personal comment on her world, the girl explores modern-day and therefore ethnical themes just like history, fine art, science and memory.

Valamanesh moved to Australia from Iran in 1973. His Australian and Iranian history greatly shows his practice. A main cultural inspiration displayed throughout many of his performs is the incorporation of Sufi poetry, calligraphy in the Local language of Farsi plus the rich mythology of Local culture. Valamanesh investigates into human cable connections and links into distinct cultures. Valamanesh's means of manifestation are seen through his use of materials and various methods. Most of his normal materials juxtapose with manufactured materials recommending entwined nationalities.

Valamanesh's ‘On the Way' 1990, suggest that in moving by different nationalities, one need to grow up and progress to eventually face a challenging voyage ahead. From this work Valamanesh explores the relationships between found objects and a painted shadow. The darkness is emblematic, linking to the artists main themes of inner weak point, fragility, shift and weakness. Each of these thematic concerns url to an important feeling of cultural shift.

Valamanesh's cultural experiences are apparent in his operate titled ‘Longing belonging' 97. In ‘Longing Belonging', an image of a Persian carpet losing in the Australian mallee rinse is presented behind the carpet on its own. His job exhibits his struggles to find himself within a new land. The Local carpet directly links to his Iranian culture. By consuming a piece of the carpeting with open fire, the work symbolizes a sense of looking to locate...