Essay about Globalization’s Impact on Information Technology

Globalization's Impact on Information Technology

According to Carmel (2013), the impact the positive effect is having on the use of details systems running a business is the ought to transfer know-how and info almost instantaneously all over the world. This is because web based no longer separated to just one position and, in order to stay ahead of the competition, accurate information must be disseminated quickly and firmly. A business could start with the introduction of their products or services in one country. The development may include many parts which can be made in other countries. A final product may then be put together in another country which will then simply need to be transported to the end destination. In order to support these kinds of global business, the information may need to be quickly communicated through an information systems network. The type of information involved could be many methods from how to production, to the supply needed, to the financing, to the transportation necessary. This information is continually changing and desires to be up-to-date and kept for access in one area so that it could be transmitted speedily to those in need of this information. There isn't any time to postal mail or send information while this could sluggish the whole process down and limit the capability of a company to contend in this rapidly changing and evolving global economy. Finally, companies with no ability to work with information devices in business set themselves for a distinct downside in a small regional economy and, businesses cannot compete around the world level in today's global economy. Technology precipitated the integration of global connection, which, consequently, provided a global stage through which companies are now able to market promote their products and services through that same technology.


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