Girl which has a Pearl Earring Reader Reponse Essay

Irene Zhou

Ms. Ulrich


3 March 2014

Faith as well as the Arts

The arts are widespread. Just as music is the worldwide language for a lot of people with ability to hear, color may be the collective terminology for all people with sight. In fact , color is so deeply historical in world and faith that it is one of the most basic portrayal of virtually any group. In Girl Having a Pearl Coronet, color and religion combine to explain Griet's life and experiences. As I read, I discovered that religion, though rarely mentioned straight, is significant in the book. This story is subtly anti-Catholic, even though Griet's dad seems to support Catholicism, declaring that " they were zero different from [Protestants]. In the event anything we were holding less solemn” (Chevalier 13). However , the Vermeers' Catholic religious morals are blamed for Griet's change in persona at the end in the book, once her mom scolds her for talking about the family members troubles, given that they were " a decent Simple family in whose needs are certainly not ruled by riches or perhaps fashions” (Chevalier 137). In addition , Griet starts off lying, eavesdropping, and keeping secrets especially after the coop – when she wasn't allowed to discover her relatives on Weekends, therefore cutting her off from her faith – seeing that she starts to drift far from her along with barely corelates with all of them anymore onto her Sundays off. I found this strange just how Catholics are described as more free and liberal than Protestants, since many people identify Protestants to be much more liberal in ideology than Catholics. However , it seems sensible that Griet's Protestant family would illustrate the Vermeers as training their faith so widely that they are money grubbing and materialistic, since the two branches of Christianity happen to be notorious for opposition.

Considering that the novel relies heavily on the painting, I realized that Griet's life may also revolve around color, in a general sense. As Griet's life progresses inside the story, the colors that she's exposed to steadily start to...