Essay regarding Hungry To get Change

Lizzie Decker

November six, 2014

Food For Fitness – Per. 2

Starving For Alter

The abs of America has become one of the greatest problems the nation faces. With huge amounts of refined, unhealthy foods continuously being glamorized, the health of this nation is at risk. The First Woman has made it her principal goal although Obama administration to fight weight problems, mainly years as a child obesity. The needs to modify. The film, Hungry pertaining to Change details these complications. The film goes into depth about the eating habits of America, exactly what is wrong with it, and why and exactly how we need to change. American needs change, and it starts at the stand.

After seeing the film, I actually am starving for transform. One of the first points that made me want to modify was learning about food like products. These are products which have altered so much by produces that it should be considered " food-like”. This can include adding chemicals, hues and unnatural flavors just to make an item. I want to become consuming actual food, certainly not food that is altered a great deal that it are unable to even be known as food. Likewise the fact that lots of companies hold their own tests and submit that to the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) also triggers concern. These kinds of tests can be skewed, but since long since it appears to be acceptable, it will be allowed. The conceivable addiction to glucose also triggers alarm. The truth that glucose is being in comparison to cocaine in how addictive it can be, is extremely unsettling. Sugar is in every thing, and because we all consume that some much, we are currently addicted to a drug in a way. The country is addicted to prevalent substance that is certainly being in comparison to cocaine. That should change. Finally, the idea that were not progressed enough to digest the harmful chemicals being devote our meals. We are not physically capable to handle that which we are eating. Our bodies have not learned tips on how to digest these foreign chemical compounds that we have been putting in our system for the last 50 years. The chemicals that we will be adding to our food are extremely...