Economic Existence and Routinary Activities of Call Center Agent Essay

Chapter I


In the Philippines, the decision center industry has been labeled as the Sunshine Industry by government due to its massive enlargement over the last a decade. It viewed as one of the fastest growing sectors within the economic system. Call centers began in the Philippines like a plain provider of email response and managing support. These possess industrial capacities for almost all types of customer contact, ranging from travel services, technical support, education customer care, financial services, and online business to customer support and online business to business support. Wikipedia, one of the websites online puts the definition of a call center agent since an individual who presents a community that intends to purchases a product. It is the person who handles inbound or outgoing customer demands a business. A call center agent might deal with account requests, customer problems or support issues. In accordance to European Commission, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) lies in the technology itself and its ability to create better access to data and interaction in underserved populations. A large number of countries around the globe, including Israel have established group or business of ICTs because it is feared that unless less high - tech areas have a chance to cope up, the raising technological improvements in develop nations will simply serve to worsen the old economic space between technological " have” and " have not” areas. According to the call center Listing of the Philippine Economic Sector Authority (PEZA), the Thailand now has 788 call centers over 20 essential locations in the Philippines and one of these is in Cabanatuan Metropolis. However , becoming call center agent is hard to deal intended for. It requires graduate student or school levels which have been extremely fluent in British. It will take extended training process such as telephone screening, interviews and assessments. Call center real estate agents must also consider their routinary activities and economic life has a part of their jobs. But inspite of on this, a lot more job seekers possess embraced this sort of jobs because of benefits that even experts give up their very own careers simply to enter this communication world.


This kind of study conducted to find out the economic lifestyle and routinary activities of selected customer service agents in ICT Organization.

Specifically, the analysis answered the ff. concerns.

1 . Exactly what the socio-demographic characteristics of call center real estate agents in ICT Company including: age, sex, civil position, educational achievement, no . of years inside the company and monthly salary? 2 . How can the socio-demographic characteristics influence economic life and routinary activities of call center real estate agents? 3. How exactly does the call middle agent conduct routinary activities?


Generally, the objective of the study is to identify the financial life and routinary activities of selected call center agents in ICT Company.

Particularly, it will aim to:

1 . Identify the socio-demographic characteristics from the selected customer service agents in ICT Firm, such as: age, sex, municipal status, educational attainment, number of years in the company and monthly income. 2 . Determine the routinary activities of selected call center providers in ICT Company. a few. Determine the effects of being call center agents inside their economic your life.


Result of this examine were very beneficial to a group of people specifically the scholars, parents call center aspirant, and researchers included.

•To the Students, the study can give them understanding of call centers to prepare themselves for future possibilities in the event that they will get into this kind of task. •To the fogeys, the study can give them ideas on how local agent agents carry out their responsibilities and consider as a future job for their children. •To the decision Center Aspirants, the study will assist them to determine whether they is going to...