Unit on the lookout for P1 Dissertation

п»їAssignment Imaginative Product Promotion

P1 Describe the promotional combine used by two selected organisations for a picked product or service.

The purpose of the promotion mix include that the organisation be familiar with customers and produce what they wish and they will understand and buy the product.

The elements precisely what are in the marketing mix are:


You utilize advertising thus everyone will be aware of your merchandise. It is a paid out non personal promotion to your product or service. It's used by a whole lot of organisations to talk a message into a selected audience, persuade people to buy an item or support or spotlight specific features or qualities inherent inside the product of service. You can advertise by media, newspapers, posters, sponsoring and more.

Personal Selling

Personal selling excellent way for making more promotion and have very good contact with the costumer and that creates more trust of the costumers. In case you sell personal its approach easier to confidence the costumer. Sale folks are expensive thus most of the time they are used to promote expensive products.

Sales promotion

Sales offers are used to sell more of the merchandise by making more appealing deals to get the costumer like the If you buy one Get One Free of charge promotions. Of course, if there this sort of promotions consumers will get a product faster.

Public relations

Pr is a approach to create a positive image of the company, it can consist of open days and nights for costumers with activity's to show what they are doing over a positive way.

Direct advertising

With immediate marketing organisations try to reach costumers direct. They have a data source with concentrate on customers just like students and sent them a snail mail so they will receive the offers what is intended for them.


Is used when you need to name your organisation to an event, cause or picture and pay because of it, it is the most crucial and pricey way of advertisement.

The 2 aspires in the organisations

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