Essay in Defining this Terms

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Appendix B

Component I

Specify the following terms:


Stereotypes Stereotypes Hard to rely on, exaggerated generalizations about most members of the group which often not take person differences into account. Prejudice A poor attitude toward an entire category of people, like a racial group or cultural minority. Labels theory The view outside the window of deviance in which someone being defined as a " deviant” potential clients a person to engage in deviant habit. This theory was began by Howard Becker's work in the 60s. The marking theory explains why householder's behavior clashes with societal norms. Bias

Prejudice A negative frame of mind toward a whole category of persons, such as a ethnic group or ethnic group. Labeling theory The view of deviance by which someone being labeled as a " deviant” leads a person to interact in deviant behavior. This theory was originated simply by Howard Becker's work in the 1960s. The labeling theory explains so why people's tendencies clashes with societal norms.

Part 2

Select three of the id categories beneath and identity or illustrate at least 3 related stereotypes for each and every:





•Sexual orientation



CategoryStereotype 1Stereotype 2Stereotype 3

RaceBlacks are great basketball players. Almost all Asians find out Kung Venne. All Clacks play basketball. Sexual OrientationFemme guys are gay. Butch women are Lesbians. Gay and lesbian men happen to be training our kids to be gay and lesbian. AgeOld persons don't know the right way to drive. They can be always sleeping. They can hardly ever hear the things you have said.

Component III

Solution each issue in 90 to one hundred and fifty words associated with those stereotypes:

What are good aspects of the stereotypes, if perhaps any?

Stereotyping provides and could be depending on some truths/facts. I know which it can be limited and biased. They tend to be a neat and convenient as well as the person's synopsis can be inclined toward a view point with the creator. By simply...