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Environmental Pollution and

Impacts in Public Health:

Ramifications of the Dandora Municipal Dropping Site in Nairobi, Kenya Report Overview

Based on a report by Njoroge G. Kimani in assistance with

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1 . Introduction

Over the last 30 years there has been elevating global concern over the public welfare impacts attributed to environmental air pollution, in particular, a global burden of disease. The World Well being Organization (WHO) estimates that about a one fourth of the illnesses facing human beings today occur due to continuous exposure to environmental pollution. The majority of these environment-related illnesses are nevertheless not very easily detected and could be acquired during years as a child and manifested later in adulthood.

Poor management of solid spend is one of the main causes of environmental pollution and degradation in numerous cities, specially in developing countries. Many of these urban centers lack sound waste regulations and correct disposal services, including to get harmful squander. Such squander may be contagious, toxic or perhaps radioactive.

Comunitario waste dumping sites will be designated spots set aside intended for waste disposal. Depending on a city's level of waste materials management, these kinds of waste may be dumped in an uncontrolled manner, segregated to get recycling uses, or simply burnt. Poor spend management creates a great challenge to the health and wellness of town residents, specifically those living adjacent the dumpsites due to the potential of the waste to pollute normal water, food sources, land, atmosphere and plants. The poor disposal and handling of squander thus leads to environmental degradation, destruction of the ecosystem and poses great risks to public health.

2 . About the research

To emphasize the web link between environmental pollution and public health within an urban setting, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) commissioned a pilot examine of the Dandora municipal waste dumping internet site in Nairobi, Kenya. Environmental samples (soil and water) were assessed to determine the content material and concentrations of various toxins (heavy precious metals, polychlorinated biphenyls and pesticides) that are recognized to affect human health. Soil samples from your dumpsite had been compared to trials taken from one more site - Waithaka, the industry peri-urban residential area on the outskirts of Nairobi.

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A medical camp was set up at the St . John Informal Institution that is located next towards the dumpsite. A total of 328 children and adolescents living and training adjacent the dumpsite were examined and treated to get various illnesses. Of these, 45 were called for further lab tests that entailed blood and urine sampling to assess the impact of exposure to environmental pollutants through the dumpsite on human overall health.

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The stream chart listed below shows the hyperlink between the environmental pollutants through the dumpsite and public health effects on the surrounding communities. This kind of link is further described in this report.

Flow Chart of the Public welfare Effects caused by Environmental Air pollution emanating via Dandora Waste Dumping Web page



Commercial Waste at the. g., falloff or untouched chemicals and raw materials, expired products and low quality goods


Agricultural Squander e. g., pesticides

(herbicides and fungicides)


Medical center Waste at the. g., product packaging

materials and containers, employed syringes

and sharps,...