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Existentialism and Surrealism

Franz Kafka and The Metamorphosis

The Evolution Reading Guide Chapter you

Chapter one particular

1 . Precisely what is Gregor Samsa's initial reaction to his metamorphosis and the element of his " new life” that problems him?

installment payments on your What are types of Gregor's denial of his transformed state?

3. What is Gregor's watch of his job plus the summation of his lifestyle.

4. Precisely what is Gregor's thoughts and opinions of his boss?

5. What is Gregor's relationship with each of his loved ones?

6. How is Gregor's locked door a symbol?

six. Describe the symbolism of weather.

8. What impact does the entrance of the office manager have on the family?

9. Illustrate Gregor's tone and the reactions he gets from the supervisor, his mom, his dad and describe Gregor's to their reaction.

15. Describe the manager, his mother, his father reactions to Gregor's appearance and he to them.

The Metamorphosis Reading Guide Phase 2

Phase 2

1 ) What distinctions occur in Gregor and his friends and family following his metamorphosis?

2 . What are Gregor's primary issues, the effects of these concerns, and what they show about him and his family?

three or more. Characterize Grete by Gregor's memories, her actions, and her thoughts.

4. Define Mr. and Mrs. Samsa.

5. Analyze indications of Gregor's increasing alienation by his family members.

6. What is the importance of removing home furniture from Gregor's room?

7. Removing furniture coming from Gregor's area is the turning point of the story. How and why?

eight. Why is the style of the female in the hair important to Gregor?

9. Describe the confrontation between Mister. Samsa and Gregor.

twelve. How may be the confrontation among Mr. Samsa and Gregor filled with spiritual symbolism?

The Metamorphosis Reading Guide Chapter 3

Phase 3

1 . Describe the wound Gregor has and who he got it.

installment payments on your Describe the alterations in the friends and family since Gregor's metamorphosis.

three or more. Why does Gregor's pain accentuate after his father visits bed, great mother and sister draw close to one another and close the door?

5. What are the complexities and effects of the boarders arrival?

your five. What does Gregor mean if he says, " I'm hungry enough, although not for these things. Look how these roomers are gorging themselves, and I'm dying! ”?

six. How does Grete " abandon” Gregor and what are the results in the abandonment?

7. How is Gregor's loss of life discovered?

eight. What is the family's a reaction to Gregor's loss of life?

9. Illustrate the transformation each member of the family of Gregor's family moved through?

12. Analyze this statement: "... they believed it would quickly be time, too, to find her a good hubby. It was such as a confirmation of their new dreams and good intentions... ”

The Evolution Post-Reading Discussion Questions

1 ) Analyze Gregor's physical and emotional...


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