Essay of Rizal

I. Several (7) reasons/proof why Rizal is his parent's child. 1 . He could be a religious man like his parent's; he started reading the Bible by a very early age. 2 . He can a man of independent believed like his father. three or more. He also inherited his passion in rhetoric coming from his mom. 4. This individual inherited his father's durability, sturdiness, sector and independence. 5. He also handed down his father's deep feeling of dignity, self-respect, serenity and poise, and seriousness. 6. He passed down his single mother's sweetness, modesty, devotion and piety. six. His excitement for making poetry came from his mother. 2. Three (3) early indications of his innates abilities. 8. This individual wrote his first composition in native language when justin was eight-reveals which in turn shows his earliest nationalist sentiment. 9. He demonstrated an astounding cleverness and skills for learning at a really young age when he learned his letters via his mother and could read and write at the age of five. 10. When justin was eight, Jose Rizal published his 1st dramatic function which was a Tagalog humor. III. In his formal hunt for knowledge, this individual found in: 1 . ) Istituto superiore that there is knowledge in literature. 2 . ) UST, this individual experienced " prejudicial restrictions and pervaiding racial discrimination.

10. The Depend of Bosque Cristo informed of the sufferings of his mother in prison associated with his motherland. These and similar literature stimulated the brilliant head Rizal and the idea that seized upon Rizal because of studying these ebooks was often growing in his thoughts was that he ought to do something to assist his persons out of the jail of lack of knowledge and cruelty. IV. Five (5) works of Rizal while students both in Istituto superiore and UST that had given him both acknowledgement and somehow humiliation.

12. A Filipinas

13. Aviso De Los Dioses

14. Near the Pasig

15. To the Philippine Youth

sixteen. Through Education our Motherland receives light

V. 4 (4) factors...