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Company Profile: Unilever

• • • • • • Established upon Dec 5, 1933 Give attention to Home & Personal Attention and Foodstuff & Goodies Products Home & Personal Care Profile in 2011 consists 27 famous brands Stock portfolio Food & Ice Cream this summer is 16 Brands Received 68 prizes in 2011 Solid distribution network more than 4 hundred independent suppliers covering a lot more than 600, 1000 outlets during Indonesia Industry capture 40% of Indonesian market share



1952 First starting in Dalam negri 1970 International bottle use Launch new variant " Lemon” 75 Launch " Black Sunsilk”. The 1st black hair shampoo launch in Indonesia market 1995 Start new variant (coconut oil and rose) 1997 Release dual approach variant 99 Launch shampoo or conditioner based on research technology

2001 Launch nourishment shampoo 2006 Launch new design product 2010 Lunchtime Sunsilk Co-Creation


Co-create with 7 finest hair specialists: 1 . Dr Francesca Fusco, a New You are able to dermatologist, co-created a " hairfall” variant for the brand name. 2 . Jamal Hammadi pertaining to Black Sparkle 3. Rita Hazan for Vibrant Coloring 4. Snuggly Charles to get Plumped Up Volume a few. Thomas Taw for Harm Reconstruction

Began the research in 2009 Available in Indonesia began at one particular June 2010 In 06 2011, Sunsilk Hair Studio room opened in the East Shopping center, Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall in Jakarta.

six. Ouidad intended for Defined Curls

7. Yuko Yamashita -- inventor of Japanese locks straightening procedure 'YUKO' - for Excellent Straight.

Musical legacy marketing: Item New wave marketing: CoCreation

Reasons: You will find 1% of consumer that usually wanted the item to have a growing number of value to them, they can be considered as down and dirty consumer To make highinvolvement of consumer to the product Model: Fiat co-create their car with the buyer Fiat offers 57000 Fiat500 in very first month (July 2007) when they launched this service

Sunsilk User Studies •36% of user inside the age range 21-25. •40% work with shampoo twice a week •78% user think about value for money prior to deciding and get a shampoo •74% consumer agree that that they like the fragrance of sunsilk •66% user like the design of sunsilk's bottle. •52% user look into the ingredients before to buy. •88% user like the black sunsilk •22% user expect to smooth their hair by using shampoo. •80% user extremely satisfied concerning about satisfy vs want. •24% end user buy sunsilk to feel the knowledge.

Jamal Hammadi is a groundbreaking hair hair dresser. In his youth, he received a lot of experience by using a series of fresh tests which in turn built it is reputation inside the fashion world. Hamadi Beauty can be Jamal's packaging that displays how much concern Jamal within the environment. The merchandise is fully organic and combine oil, plant extracts and nectars. Sunsilk countless Jamal Hammadi from LA, hairdresser for the stars of Hollywood, the latest creation of formulations Sunsilk Black Glow. Treat flowing hair with a 2-step treatment of Sunsilk Black Glow: Shampoo and Leave About Urang Aring enriched with Pearl Intricate that is able to take out dirt along with coat the strands of black locks to make it look shiny.

Francesca Fusco, MD is actually a dermatologist and scalp proper care in the world. Doctor Fusco idea that is based approach to discover problems early on to avoid treating the " big".?? Francesca encouraging individuals to identify even more closely scalp and address it as action of the epidermis.

Teddy Charles was show represent the " Big Hair".

Thomas Taw is actually a hairdresser and businessman from London. Sunsilk worked with Thomas Taw of London, known as the expert care of dry and damaged curly hair and Bobsoho founder of Salon, the creation from the latest ingredients of Sunsilk Damaged Curly hair Treatment, restore damaged curly hair softness and maintain it usually healthy and feel silky. Treat your hair with a 4-step treatment of Sunsilk Damaged...