Cell Phone Usage While Driving Essay

Alexis Dubé

Teacher: Mrs. Thayer

Dialect Arts 14

26 March 2013

Cellular – Cellphone Usage While Driving

Must cell phone employ by drivers be banned? " Kansas has no statewide ban upon phones or perhaps texting, nonetheless it allows communities to pass laws requiring not any hands utilization of phones (Rutz). ” " For car owners eighteen years and younger…. it is now against the law to use virtually any handheld wireless communication device while in traffic, which includes sitting in a crimson light or stuck in a job traffic jam (Dungjen). ” " The broader ban for teen drivers allows for the operation of hands free routing or GPS DEVICE units, yet does not allow for actively development the gadgets while traveling (Provance). ” " For any teen underneath the age of 18 who violates the broader ban in electronic devices, it might be a primary wrongdoing meaning law enforcement officials would need not any other reason to stop the driving force in the middle of traffic. ” " The only exclusions are …… making unexpected emergency phone calls for police, a great ambulance, or perhaps firefighters. ” (Dungjen) Is my thorough evaluation from the necessary mobile phone regulation.

" A September 2010 study by the Iihs revealed that mishaps had not dropped in 4 states even after texting bans had been passed. ” " Various high educational institutions have added distraction with their driver education curriculum and possess established student led organizations to help teach other pupils. ” (Article: 1) " Ten declares, D. C, Guam as well as the Virgin Island destinations prohibit the all motorists from using handheld cell phones when driving. ” " 32 states and D. C. ban every cell phone make use of by amateur drivers. ” " University Bus individuals in nineteen states as well as the District of Columbia might not use a mobile phone while individuals are present. ” " Thirty nine claims, D. C., Guam plus the Virgin Island destinations ban text messaging for all drivers. ”(Article: 2)

" As 1991, the FCC features banned the inflight make use of 800 MHz cell phones as a result of potential disturbance with surface networks. ” " During the last couple of years, flight companies have responded to...