Case Sunfresh Essay

Case Sunfresh

Sunfresh Ltd is a Rotterdam based importer of fruit and fruit and vegetables from warm and semitropical countries. The company sells these natural goods to significant retailers, wholesalers and market traders. The corporation was founded twenty years ago and has been developing since, primarily as a result of it is sharp eye for the product quality its customers want, personalized service and e wide line of products. Currently the company provides 120 employees.

Part of the goods are becoming packed and delivered in respect to buyer specifications. This kind of mainly issues the alleged home brands, including cut, dried and deep-frozen items, and fresh fruit baskets. These activities are done by Sunfresh itself in its Rotterdam site.


The organization has the subsequent departments in place:






Logistics. Including Stockroom and Transport


Creation, including Production Planning Workplace




Info Processing

The management in the company consists of a commercial overseer and a great operations representative. The business director is responsible for Sales and buying and the procedures director is in charge of all the other departments. Data processing is completely automatic and included.


Sunfresh has created contracts with large merchants. These deals specify the annual volumes that they will order and the desired qualities. Revenue prices are adjusted quarterly on the basis of anticipated developments in the purchase market. The daily known as quantities are billed each week with a term of payment of 10 days.

The wholesalers place all their orders per week. The deals contain an ever-increasing annual rebate if a flower nurseries has ordered more than the contractually agreed upon volume. The sales prices happen to be adjusted each week on the basis of advancements in the purchase marketplace. The term of payment can be two weeks after delivery.


Remaining parcels and packages that will quickly become out of date are sold...