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Boat Resistance

The following inquiries refer to Activity 1: Learning the Effect of Flow Pipe Radius on Fluid Stream. 1 . When radius was your fluid movement rate the best? 6. 0 mm installment payments on your What was the flow rate at this radius? 1017. a couple of mmHg

3. Describe the relationship between stream rate and radius size. The relationship between your flow level and the radius size is direct with the formula flow rate=radius to the next power.

5. What happens to bloodstream in the body in the event that increased the flow of blood is needed? The blood vessels dilate to increase the flow to where the blood vessels is needed within the body.

The following queries refer to Activity 2: Learning the Effect of Viscosity on Fluid Stream. 5. For what viscosity level was your fluid stream rate the greatest? 1 . zero 6. Identify the relationship between flow charge and viscosity. The relationship is definitely inversed; which means a smooth that has a large viscosity provides a slow circulation because it withstands the stream. Fluid which has a low viscosity will circulation faster since it is less resistance from the circulation.

7. Was your effect of viscosity greater or perhaps less than the result of radius on smooth flow? For what reason? Less, the radius of blood vessels effect flow even more because the large blood vessels let more bloodstream to circulation through regardless of viscosity. almost 8. What impact would low blood count have upon blood flow? So why? The effect will cause a decline in blood flow because anemia causes the blood vessels to shrink.

The following questions refer to Activity 3: Learning the Effect of Flow Tube Length in Fluid Movement. 9. By what stream tube length was the flow rate the highest? 10mm 10. Describe the relationship between movement tube length and substance flow price. The relationship between flow tube length and fluid circulation rate is usually when the pipe length is shorter the faster the flow.

14. What effect do you think overweight would have in blood flow? Why? When blood vessels lengthen, that they cause a flow of blood...