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Assignment 1 ) 2 Summary and Personal Response

Essay: Facing Poverty using a abundant Girl's Habits by Suki Kim

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Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl's Behaviors

Suki Betty, who found the USA in 1983, wrote the essay " Wealthy Girl's Habits”. Her daddy was a Korean language millionaire and she was rich lady until her father's company went into individual bankruptcy. Her family members fled to USA, because as personal bankruptcy is a criminal offense in Korea. Beginning of these time, her new your life and fight to conform in fresh society was started. In the beginning it was very difficult to adapt and everything was thus strange for the " rich teenage girl” while she had never existed before in such an unsightly and poor district. In addition, her big problem was with language. Because of that problem, children who lived in her fresh district — including Korean language children (English-speaking Korean-American kids) who are settled in USA before her — excluded her from their activities. However every one of them had emigrated and lived in nearly the in same condition, and it was challenging to ignore the class categories of the previous country. As well, she under no circumstances thought of her skin color right up until shortly after she arrived in the United States. She rapidly became aware that she was Asian and her skin tone is yellow. At last the girl understood that there was no other choice than to adjust to the new society and learn British. Learning English can be not as difficult as facing poverty. Her family's struggling against poverty was good and they moved to new better place in search of better jobs and education. She known as her family a 1. a few U. S i9000. generation, although they are 100-percent American on paper and official documents, mainly because they already keep their own culture and own patterns. These are main point of her article.

1 . Commencing is always difficult. Never claim die. If you try to do anything, everything will probably be better. They always fought against their lower income...