Ap American History Presidents Charts Composition

AP ALL OF US History Presidental Review


Judiciary Action of 1749Supreme court utilized right to file a legislation unconstitutional

Whiskey Rebelliontaxed whiskey- excise tax on whiskey of the westerners- tax accustomed to centralize and fund Nationwide debt

Functions of Jefferson, Madison and HamiltonJefferson- Secretary of Condition

Hamilton- Secretary of Treasury

Madison- Presidental advisor and friend

People from france RevolutionPeriod of radical social and political upheaval in French/Europe history- old pecking order of monarchs gave way to Citizenship and rights- Time of Enlightenment

Neutrality ProclamationPresident made proclamation-the US stays neutral incompatible between France and Great Britain- in order to not go to war

Citizen GenetEdmond-Charles GenГЄt- French ambassador to US during French wave

Tensions with Britain and Jay's treaty 1796Treaty between US and Great Britain- Credited with averting warfare – increased trade between countries

Stress with Spain- Pinckney's Treaty 1796Established companionship between ALL OF US and Spain- Defined boundries with Spanish colonies- Guaranteed navigation legal rights on the Mississippi River for people

Problems with Indians- Battle of Fallen Timbers 1794 of Greenville 1795final battle in the NW American indian War. Struggle between American Indians and US pertaining to control of NW Territory- Victory for US

Precedents that Wa set intended for the presidency1-Neutrality in Overseas Affairs

2- 2-Term Presidency

3- Usage of force to enforce what the law states (Whickey Rebellion)

4- Dialling in the Pantry for Tips

5- How you can address Director " Mister. President”


7- inaugral speech

Farewell addressWritten to” The People of the United States” when he resigned after 2nd term

Adams (1796 – 1801)

Problems with FranceFrance seizing ALL OF US ships- Adams tried to resolve by mailing diplomats to talk to French foreign affairs movie director

XYZ affairevent that strained relations among France and US- lead to QuasiWar- France agents demanded major credits from US to continue tranquility engotiations

Phony War with France (1798-1800)Undeclared Naval war (fought simply by sea mostly) between Italy and ALL OF US

Alien and Alien Adversaries ActAlien Act- deports aliens " risky to tranquility & security of US: ” during peacetime

Alien Opponents Act- allowed in wartime arrest, imprisonment & expulsion of extraterrestrials to adversary powers

Sedition Actany treasonable act, excessive misdemeanor and punishable simply by fine and imprisonment Naturalization Actsrequires extraterrestrials to be occupants for 16 yrs instead of 5 yrs before qualified to receive US citizenship

Reaction of Republicans- Virginia and Kentucky ResolutionsRepublicans said Alien/Sedition act was unconstitutional. Claims had directly to declare unconstitutional acts simply by congress that had been not certified by Constitution

Gabriel's Rebellion (1800)Gabriel Prosser-enslaved blacksmith who had been going to lead rebellion in VA- under no circumstances happened, info leaked, Gabriel and 25 others hanged-

Election of 1800VP Jones Jefferson conquered incumbent David Adams- Brought in in Democratic/Republican rule and Federalist party removed

" Midnight Judges”effort to resolve problem with Judges”riding the circuit”. Segregated Supreme Court docket from Routine Court all judges

Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)

Election of " revolution” of 1800VP Jones Jefferson defeated incumbent Steve Adams- Brought in in democratic/Republican rule and federalist party removed Twelfth Amendmentprocedure intended for electing Director and Vice President- established how Electoral College functions

Lousiiana Obtain (1803)US obtained 828, 800 sq massive areas of terrain from Portugal territory- Jefferson received level of resistance to decision to purchase- did in any case due to anxious feeling that France/Spain may have power to stop trade...