Antigone Foils Creon Research Paper

Antigone Foils Creon

In the play Antigone we learn about a uncooperative character named Creon who may be the leader of Thebes. This ruler goes on a large number of power journeys through out the play, which end up resulting in his demise. Antigone, sister of the ex - king Polyneices sees Creon as a person with to much electricity who is making poor decisions and performing against the Gods. In a face-to-face confrontation, Antigone does not down again from the powerful leader, and tells him that what he is carrying out is incorrect. Creon, who also still has too much pride, banishes her into a cave wherever she would end up being left to die. Only later does Creon recognize that what your woman was expressing was accurate. He attempts to fix all of the mistakes this individual has made but is too overdue. Antigone may be the foil to Creon because she brings about fear and many character trait flaws inside the Kings character.

Creon has a major course in common sense when he chooses to bury Antigone in a cave to die. She tells him that your woman does not care because she was honoring her brother. " Why the delay? There exists nothing that you could say that I should wish to hear, as nothing I say can easily weigh with you…. ” (Sophocles 500-7) At first, that seem that Creon seems bad harm to this. Later on he understands that he was incorrect and remorse his decisions. Antigone has a big impact on this change of heart from Creon because the lady truly presumed 11086619 a couple of

she was at the right. Simply by believing this kind of she forces Creon to finally observe that he was incorrect, and verso his decisions.

Antigone's suicide results Creon as a character hugely. It is her suicide that triggers Heamon to stab him self. " Who may be dead, through what palm? Heamon can be dead, slain by his own daddy. His dad? His very own hand. His father‘s action it was that drove him to this. ” (1171-77 Sophocles) This later likewise leads to Eurydice's suicide at the conclusion of the perform. Through Antigone's actions, Creon is extremely affected. As a personality, these situations change the method Creon considers what this individual has done. " There is...

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