Essay regarding Alex Riders

Alex rider Hits back.


The author on this fine new is Alex rider plus the title is known as Snakehead. This guide is posted by MASTER BOOKS working in london, Boston, Sydney and Auckland. Also this book is quite long, about 4 hundred pages.


Snakehead can be described as book about a 14 year old boy Alex Rider that accepted the job to damage a brutally gang called the Snakeheads for the England Magic formula Intelligence. In this book, the final book of the series, this individual works intended for the Australian Secret Brains and is provided for Bangkok, Thailand. There he meets his Godfather this individual never achieved to try and get the murderer of his parents.. At the end he discovers that the killer of his parents was actually his Godfather and he tries to prevent him coming from destroying half of Australia. This individual goes through many adventures and then destroyed the gang and punished his Godfather.

In the last chapter this individual meets which has a girl that got shed and had several years to see the other person again, Sabrina, which is crazy about him and invites him for dinner and they chit-chat mentioning many of all their previous escapades until the evening meal is prepared. They then take in together gladly and the history ends.


Mcdougal writes this book in 3rd person. The story picks up occasions before the previous one concluded. The personas are mainly Alex and his godfather also some military he traveled to camp with and his guardian. After his other good friend Sabrina comes to amaze him. The book is incredibly sunspensing and leaves you with questions even eventually. It has cliffhangers and makes...