A Literary Examination of When NO-ONE Was Seeking by Rosemary Well

Rosemary Well's When NOBODY Was Looking can be a suspenseful history of a

girl's ambition, friendship, and like of tennis, that requires her to the very best.

Although she actually is not beautiful, rich, or great in school, fourteen 12 months old Kathy

Bardy includes a natural talent for tennis. 1 day, Kathy loses a meet against

Ruth Gumm that must have been simple on her behalf. The very next day Kathy finds out

that Ruth is definitely dead. Although Julia, Oliver, and Kathy's parents make an effort to comfort

her, Kathy feels guilty for wishing Ruth was dead the different night. Because of

Ruth's death, Kathy has complications concentrating, and she starts off lazing off.

Kathy's will, spirit, and like from her close friends takes her to the brand new England


Kathy loves tennis. She finally finds a thing that she is proficient at,

and practically makes her right into a celebrity. Kathy is informed by various people,

including Marty her tennis instructor, that she's got what must be done to make

it to the very best. When Kathy takes on against Ruth, she turns into annoyed because it

should have